I am honored and privileged to serve as your District Governor for the year 2020-2021. And what a year it will be, beginning in the middle of this pandemic!  We closed our previous year with our first-ever virtual international convention, and this year begins with social distancing with our international office closed through December 31. We will face challenges of a different world, but one that—with our continued service to our fellow man—will be a better world.
    In January, while attending the International Assembly required for Governor training, the International President-elect, Holger Knaack, revealed the 2020-21 theme: ROTARY OPENS OPPORTUNITIES.  During his address, he quoted a statement by Paul Harris which says, “Rotary must be revolutionary from time to time.”  This theme and the Paul Harris statement could never be more appropriate than now.  Rotary indeed opens doors of opportunity, and our motto of “service above self” can walk right through.  When we develop service projects (even very small ones that all our members can participate in), we not only serve others but each other in fulfilling a feeling of membership and participation in the service. When members are involved, they are active members and will attract more members.  We must let the world know the good that our clubs do. I challenge you all to have several projects often, and with various members involved. We can all participate in a district-wide project. And then, let’s publicize it!  This will be how we attract new members and keep those we have.
      The doors of opportunity are wide open, so let’s get everyone involved and let the world see what we can do!  We are compelled to be revolutionary now because of social media and meetings with Zoom.  It is a challenge for us, but let us use this technology to our advantage.  Be creative with projects. Involve more people. And get the results on social media. Please use the District 6820 directory to find those on the district level who can assist you with technology as well as all other areas of Rotary life. I encourage you to have fun being a Rotarian. During this epidemic, one of the best ways is to participate in a community service project.  I look forward to working with you to continue the Rotary tradition in District 6820 and around the world.  Yours in Rotary Service – Ed 
Ed Thurmond 
Rotary Club of Lexington
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